NCAA Tournament Tickets


Tickets to individual NCAA tournament games can be bought in advance for all games except the Final Four (click here for Final Four ticket information). The difficulty of getting tickets, and how early you should buy them, depends on the site and the round you are interested in.

Tickets for all sites are sold by the host school. Tickets can be bought about one year in advance of the tournament. At this time, tickets are available only for the 2020 tournament.

Tickets for all sites are sold in booklets containing individual tickets for each session. First and second round sites have three sessions (two doubleheaders in the first round, and one in the second round), while regional sessions have only two sessions (a doubleheader in the Sweet Sixteen, and a single game to determine the regional champion). Ticket booklets can be broken up and used by different individuals for each session, although tickets are sold only in booklets by the host schools.

For most first and second round sites, tickets are available a few months prior to the tournament. While these games aren’t as popular with casual fans as the regional finals, there are eight participating schools and the games are usually held in smaller venues, which increases demand.

Regional games (the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight) are often held in domed stadiums, meaning many more tickets are available than for standard arenas. However, many seats are in the upper deck and offer poor views of the games.

Overall, some sites sell out faster than others, while some do not sell out at all; there is no way to predict this. Some sites may be sold out months in advance, but will have tickets available the week of the games if one of the participating schools does not use its full ticket allotment. The best advice we have is to buy the tickets from the site as soon as you know you’re going.

Once the site is sold out, you have the choice of buying from a broker in advance or taking your chances on the street before the game. For many first round sessions, tickets are easy to find as many ticket holders will only be interested in the games their favorite school is playing in. Second round sessions can often be purchased from fans of teams losing in the first round. In general, tickets for the first and second round are easier to find on the street than tickets to the regional games.

For complete ticket information, including prices, box office telephone numbers, and hotel information, check the 2020 tournament schedule page. For Final Four ticket information, see the Final Four Tickets page.

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